Coaching can take place on different levels. It can aim at reorganizing the whole life or at least a part of it, or at working on a specific issue. That's why I offer two coaching options to you. My coaching is based on Barbara Sher coaching methods and NVC coaching methods according to Marshall Rosenberg combined with Focusing according to Gene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell:


Life Coaching:

Your are no longer happy with your current life, so you want to give your life a new direction. But you don't know how, that's why you are looking for someone supporting you. - In this case I can help you as a coach to find your own path. Together we go out in search of the things which have always been dear to your heart, but which you have somehow forgotten due to daily hassles. As soon as we have found them, they have to be integrated in your life. Because the things being dear to your heart are the things you are good at, which you can easily do and which make you happy. - Once the first step is taken, the next steps are (almost) taken by themselves. Thus you are moving towards the life you have always dreamed of at your own pace.


Coaching for a specific issue:

You are stuck in a problem or you are confronted with a certain issue or situation again and again, and you want to put things right. Or you simply need support to accomplish a task. - In this case, a coaching helps greatly to easily make faster progress. We have a look at your issue or problem together, we also jointly develop a solution and define the first concrete steps towards the solution. Having support is often half the battle won - and two heads are better than one.


Coaching sessions

Coaching sessions:

  • via Skype or Zoom
  • via phone
  • face-to-face, also by walk


Session duration:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes (by request also longer)

        Sessions will be charged per commenced quarter of an hour.


Prices on request.

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