Focusing - a great method for leading a self-determined life

Focusing is a unique and wonderful methode developed by Gene Gendlin. Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGaving enhanced this method to Inner Relationship Focusing. I discovered Focusing in October 2012, and I did like it from the very first moment - love at first sight so to say. I'm so glad about finally finding the answers inside myself, answers I having been seeking for such a long time.

In short, Focusing really helps you to find YOUR answers and solutions for your issues and problems you are confronted with in your life. In a brilliant way.

Do you know this nagging feeling of doubt and discomfort?

Do you know these doubts emerging out of the blue? Are you having this uncomfortable feeling that something is worng in your life but you can't name it? Are you ending up not knowing how to make up a decision in your private or professional life because you are somehow nervous and confused? Are you being confronted with situations where you feel stuck and blocked? You'd like to improve your life but you just don't know how?

Are you longing for clarity and fresh wind in your life?

Wouldn't it be fantastic, to finally have clear answers to your everyday issues and problems? To finally feel fresh wind in your sails and to be able to see your life in a broader perspective? Wouldn't it be great if you could trust your feelings, having a deep knowing that they are true and you could just do the next steps full of confidence? 

Would you like to have access to your own inner compass?

Focusing is a method helping you to have a new relationship with your inner self. It gives you access to your inner voice, to your inner wisdom, to your inner compass guiding you safely and securely throug your life. That means, you can live your life with more clarity. Thanks to this clarity, you have more life energy enabling you to follow your deepest wishes. Life energy having been eaten up by your doubts and hesitations for such a long time.

Would you like to know more about Focusing? Or would you like to give Focusing a try?

Intrigued by Focusing? Would you like to know more about it? Feel free and contact me. I'm pleased to help you to learn more about Focusing. If you want to have a Focusing session, at the moment I'm offering low price test sessions in my two-year Focusing training with Ann Weiser Cornell. You can book up to six test sessions at a special rate til March 2015. Having a test sessions requires filling in a short feedback sheet. Book your Focusing test session at a special rate here or just send me an e-mail:

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