You want to learn German or improve your German, just for pleasure. 


Or you want to learn German and you believe you are not gifted at languages. Or you are completely frustrated and on the verge of giving up because you consider yourself as untalented - or your teacher does.


The good news is: There are methods and approaches to language learning which have nothing to do with the cramming you know from school. Learning a language can even be real fun. And the best: as a part of the deal, you can learn languages by the way, believe it or not. This I know from learning about and working with the Birkenbihl method developped by the German brain researcher Vera Birkenbihl. I always try and integrate this method in my language teaching.


If you want to learn German or if you are interested in a language coaching, feel free to contact me so we can have a closer look.


  • You can use a course you already have.
  • You or your kid can work with the textbook you currently use in your class.
  • You can use a course I recommend. 


I adjust my offer to your wishes and to your current state of knowledge, partially using material developed by me.


I support

  • pupils or students
  • adults

I offer

  • individual lessons - also via Internet and Skype
  • group lessons - including individual lessons if desired 

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