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Susanne Rieger


Coach for communication, success and happiness +



born in 1958, married, 2 kids



  • Inner Relationship Focusing Levels1 - 4 (with Arno Katz, Focusing Trainer, TFI New York)
  • Barbara Sher Life Coach
  • Coach and mediator in attentive communication (in line with the Non-violent Communication according to M. Rosenberg)
  • Reiki Master
  • IT Translator
  • Graduate Translator (French + English)


Current Training:

  • Certification for Focusing Professional training, October 14, 2013 - June 01, 2015 (with Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing Resources, Berkeley, California)


 Professional Experience: 

  • since 2012 Coaching
  • since 2007 Learning coaching for English and French
  • since 1984 Translator and project manager, since 2001 as a freelancer



When working with clients, it is of great importance to me to combine humaness and professionalism as well as enjoyment and performance.  My big concern is to support you with lightness and humor in achieving YOUR goals. 


That's why, in my coaching sessions, I attach importance  

  • to create an open and relaxed atmosphere,
  • to listen with compassion to you,
  • to have a mindful and empathic look at your current status,
  • to carefully identify the changes and goals you want,
  • to find together steps for these changes and goals you can easily put into practice,
  • to accompany and support you sympathetically with your first steps,


and in my seminars or classes, I attach importance

  • to create an intense, relaxed and easy-going working atmosphere,
  • to provide professional and clear working material or documentation,
  • to give a clear and vivid presentation,
  • to use practice-oriented examples.


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