Me - more private


I am many.                                  

I’m a woman.

I’m a translator.

I’m a wife.

I’m a coach.

I’m a mother.

I’m a business woman.

I’m a lover.

I’m an artist.

I’m a daughter.

I’m a customer.

I’m a sister.

I’m a citizen.

I’m a niece.



And I’m many faces, with all its nuances. (*)

I’m excited – and I’m angry.

I’m full of beans – and I don’t feel like doing anything.

I show myself – and I hide myself.

I see the good – and I see the bad.

I laugh – and I cry.

I think of everything – and I forget everything.

I’m brave – and I’m scared.

I’m happy – and I’m sad.

I know everything – and I know nothing.

I’m curious – and I’m uninteressted.

I’m humorous – and I’m humourless.



In short: I am a human being – with many facets, with many pebbles in my kaleidoscope of life.


And even if life is badly shaken up once in a while, after a certain time of uncertainty and viewed in the right light, the kaleidoscope of life will again show a beautiful picture made of all these pebbles. As if by miracle. And for this, I’m grateful.



(*) I’ve noticed that I hadn’t no problem in writing down the positive things. As to the negative thinks, I noticed me having a tendency to attenuate.


                   I’m full of beans – and sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything.


What does this possibly want to tell me? ;-)


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